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2013 The year starting off great with my wife getting a killer new job. We're loving hosting parties at our new house and continue to make it better.

I've added another job to the long line of things that I've done in this business and that's doing the traffic in the morning! We were short staffed and the boss asked me to step in and I accepted the challenge. I learned all the traffic computers and have been helping out in the mornings when needed. It's always fun to learn new things. So now in this crazy business I've done the weather, reporting, photographer, ran a live truck, editing, writing, ran the prompter, anchor, mmj, and not traffic!

I look forward to anything else this business can throw my way.

2012 Loving living in south Florida and working for WPTV in West Palm Beach! I can't believe it's been 5 years! My wife and I bought a house and love it. It was a fixer-upper (wouldn't have it any other way!) It was a foreclosure and we got a great deal on it. We've done a lot to it and have plans to do more. The backyard is beautiful!

Still doing MMJ reporting and the weather on the weekends. Renewed my contract for another couple years. The sent me up to Baltimore to help our sister station WMAR during Hurricane Sandy. It was a great experience! Freezing cold and Hurricanes are quite a mix!

I started doing a live interactive surf show call THE IMPACT ZONE. It's been my dream to have a surf show here in south Florida and I can't believe I finally get the chance to do it!

It's growing and getting good reviews. Looking forward to it growing more and what the future has to offer!

2011 Still plugging along at WPTV in West Palm Beach! Surf page if growing, getting better at MMJ stories, and we're about to get a new weather computer system!!
I also got married and am looking to buy a house here in Palm Beach County! I wouldn't mind something I could fix up either (for the right price)

Social Media is growing very rapidly and I've been heavily involved in that. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter(SurfnWeatherman) to keep up with the latest. I also have a separate surfing/weather facebook page, be sure to "Like" WAVECASTER WIELAND!

Three years at WPTV! Learning more and more about MMJ reporting. Check out my stories! Getting good at Final Cut Pro and shooting. Doing a ton of cool stories. Using the GoPro underwater camera now to get a lot of great shots. Surf page is still growing. Lots of new stuff to add to it and maybe put a few cams up in the area.


The WPTV surf page is up and running! For all local surf news, events, pictures, surf reports and surf forecasts check out

Taking classes to be an MMJ (Multi-Media Journalist) which is basically a reporter who does it all, shoot/write/edit. Hopefully I will get good at it quick!

Winter 2007/2008

I had to go back up to Baltimore to finish renovating one more house. It was a tough trip, ice storm on the way up, another one with some snow while I was there, and REALLY Cold! (Click on photo for after pics)

Needless to say, it's good to be back home in South Florida! I've also been working a lot at the station so that's always good!

Fall 2007

I was the first person to do a live shot in HD in ALL of South Florida for tropical storm NOEL!!!(Video to come)

Summer 2007
Excited to be back in South Florida with my family!! I love my new station, WPTV and the people there are fantastic! We just became the first station in all of South Florida so go HD! And I was the first person to do a live shot in HD for all of south Florida!

June 2007

Moving back to S. Florida and house up for sale! Did as much work as I could. It's defintiely much better than when I bought it! Click the pic for Before and Afters.

Housing Projects 2006-07
View before and after pics of my fully rehabbed houses in Baltimore City. Just click on the above pictures.

2005 Emmy Awards
I attended the Capitol Emmy Awards in Washington, DC and was lucky enough to be featured in a few pics on their official website.

AMS Conference - August 1-5, 2005
I recently attended the 34th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology in Washington, D.C. It was great meeting everyone! I had a blast and my photos can be seen online here.

Triump the Insult Dog's Weather Forecast!
Triumph does the weather at the NBC local news station in Hawaii after being kicked out of the American Idol auditions.

Kleeman and Mike's surfing adventures
A great flash animation that I ran across about two guys who hit the waves. View the Shockwave Flash file here.

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